Findings Ireland Ltd.  We are the BEST suppliers of Jewellery Findings in Ireland.  We stock Bolts, Jumps, Safety Chains, Stones, Spring Bars, Tools, Triggers.
Findings Ireland Ltd.

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Prices are in Euros like this
1.20.    From now  all pricing will be in Euros but we are only now starting to do a complete revision of  our web site.  Generally the new and improved site will consist of 8 main pages which should correspond with our new catalogue.  If you do not see something that you want just send us an email and ask!  Or ask for the catalogue. Do not be shy. October 2008...

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List of items we sell 2011.

Bags Gripseal

Bails (Pendant loops) Several sizes 9k and silver

Battery Clamps x 90 €42

Battery Insulators €33

Bellows for Cuckoo Clock 120 MM €23

Bezels for clocks.

Bezel + Glass Barometer complete 227 mm overall diameter €140

Blades for Bracelet Cutter wheel 60 MM €15

Blades for ring removing tool 20-30 MM. Several models with 3 different hole sizes €13 to €24. also 20 MM €13

Blades for Saw

BLADES Screwdriver

Bows for Pocket Watch

Bracelet Holder see HOLDER, BRACELET

Brush Nylon 4 ROW HARD or SOFT €6

Brush, Scratch Fiberglas (refills available ) €9

Bolt Rings. 9k, Silver, best Rolled Gold, 18k, yellow and white and rose  Also FLAT.

Buckles for straps 8 to 16 MM hypo-allergenic €1

Burr life (lubricates saw blades and drills)

Case Knife  Swiss pen-knife with 2 blades €18.50

Case opener blue with flats or POINTS €29

Case Opener Jaxa

Case Opener Push


also extra large dies up to 55 mm for bigger watches.

Case Sealer, silicone,

Catches for brooch backs in plain metal 


CEMENT, ultraviolet

CHAIN END 9k from 2.0 mm @ €1.80 to 10 mm @ €7.55

Chain loose in 9k yellow, 9k white, 9k ROSE, 18k yellow, 18k white, silver and Best Rolled Gold loose per foot ….. make your own safety chain to any length.

Clutches for pins Gilt and Nickle. [also pin protectors].

Copper stampings.

Charm Pins

Cuff-link backs Gold, Silver.

DIAL SPOTS to stick dials to movements

Drills from 0.3 mm to 3.00 mm

Earrings, 9ct sleepers

Earwires Continental  light, medium, heavy.

Earwires, Ball and ring, Scroll nut, Cup and peg English safety wire and ball.

Eye glass 10X Eyeglass magnification  €25 + up

EYEGLASS Aluminium or plastic 1” to 4” €6.50

EYEGLASS  double lens 10x 12x 14X €12

EYEGLASS Double with Headband €72

File, Needle. Pack of 10 €11

Flux Auflux soldering fluid 25ml €2.50

Gasket grease

Gaskets rubber

Gate Links 9k

Gimp Pearl Necklet Ends

Glass tool, octopus  €29

Graver sharpener €7.50

Grease Silicon



Jump Rings in 9k yellow, 9k white, 9k ROSE, 18k yellow, 18k white, silver and Best Rolled Gold  Sizes from 1.8 mm .4 mm wire to 16 mm 2.0 wire.

Jumps, Split rings.

Joint for hinging pins on brooch backs.

Key, Clock

Lock Padlock + HASP

Loupe 10X in case  €25 + €32

Loupe Specs clip X2.5 €13

Mat Bench mat anti-static black €17 or just green €13

Multisizers Finger Ring-Gauge 10 for €6

Necklet Ends Oyster GP or Silver Plated necklet end 20¢

Needles, Beading, Fine. Stringing needles fine 75¢


Pearl Necklet catches in 9k, 14k, silver, chrome paste, gilt paste, silver and silver gilt magnetic. (for the arthritic hand)

Pearl Necklet snap + Tangs 1, 2, 3 row €1 

Pearl Thread

Pearl necklet ends.


Pin black fork refill for black spring bar tool. €3

Pin Brass  for trophies.

 Pin Clutch. Gilt and white.  35¢  

Pins. brooch.

Pin tapered Nickle or brass assorted

Pin Protect

Pin Removing Tool Black Plastic Pin extractor .80 mm €13

Pin replacement for Pin Removing Tool (Plastic) Pin extractor 0.8 mm spare pin fits black plastic tool above. €3

Pin Removing tool 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm 1.0 mm  €6 

Pin Removing tool, spare tip. 0.7, 0.8, 1.0 €7.50 for 10.

Range of pins for brooch backs in white and yellow from 19 mm. Also 9k from 19 mm to 75 mm. Silver to order.

Pin  Vice 4 Mouth €7.50

Pins (brooch backs really) €1

Pins, Split to fit watch bracelets  .8 mm, .9 mm 1.0mm lengths 5mm to 22 mm in nice boxed calibrated assortment .

PLIERS  Big selection.


Ring stick Wheatsheaf

Ring Clips 9k yellow, 9k white, 18k yellow, silver. Many sizes.


Salts for plating 9k, 18K etc.

Saw Frame Piercing, adjustable €14

Safety Chains.

Screw Eyes

Screwdrivers Replaceable blades

SCREWS for battery bridges €26

SCREWS Watch Bracelet ASSD x100 €39 white €47 yellow

Screws grub

Screws, Spectacle from €38 for 200


Solders in panels, paste, wire, pre-fluxed 9k yellow, 9k white, 9k ROSE, 18k yellow + white, silver .

"Sold" Plugs

Springs, round, 2.0 mm to re-spring Mainline wristlets.

Spring Bars from 5 mm to 40 mm.

Stones available, many from stock.  CZ, sapphire, garnet, emerald and almost anything can be specially ordered or specially cut.

Stones: Pastes to suit D+G watches and similar.  Sizes from 0.8 mm to 3.1 mm in white, packed x 25 for €5.


Stickers....all the following available: 

10ct Gold Made in Ireland

14ct Gold Made in Ireland

18ct HallMarked

18ct Gold Made in Ireland

 9 carat gold [not HallMarked]

9ct Gold Hall Marked

9ct Gold Made in Ireland

Green Agate

Real Amethyst

Cultured Pearl

Cubic Zirconia



Fashion Jewellery

Real Garnet

Real Gemstones

Gold Plated

Hand Engraved

Hand Made

Real Opal


Rolled gold

Real Ruby

Real Sapphire

Sterling Silver [not HallMarked]

Sterling Silver Made in Ireland

Sterling Silver HallMarked

White Gold

9ct White Gold

18ct White Gold


STRAP SCREWS 12 mm to 20 mm(also known as Gucci bars) €1 

SWIVELS in 9k yellow, 9k ROSE, 18k yellow,  silver and Best Rolled Gold

T BARS in 9k yellow,  9k ROSE, 18k yellow,  silver


TICKETS Shark-skin white, silver, gold colour, square white.

TIE CLUTCH Gilt and white pin clutches 35¢



Tie Tac backs

Tool, Spring Bar Complete Black or white  €9

Tool Tips,

Triggers in 9k yellow, 9k white, 9k ROSE, 18k yellow, silver



TWEEZER DIAMOND BLUNT so you do not drop the stone.€20

Tweezers, Plastic

Tweezers, Soldering, self-locking straight or curved €9

Viewer for earrings

Watch Band Catch

Wire Bangle Snap to repair metal core bangles easily when the catch breaks.

Wire Shank

Home page for Findings Ireland (if you do not have an index listing to the left)

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